External Waterproofing

When the basement starts leaking and is not limited only to a isolated location most probably a renewal of the waterproofing is needed.


If the basement is not finished, it can be observed where the water is seeping into the basement. If the moisture is observed toward the bottom of the wall all along where the wall meets the floor, most probably the weeping tile is clogged and is not discharging the outside water to the city drain and water starts ponding behind the wall and not only seepages under the footing and floor slab but also finds its way through the wall and all together cause unhealthy and damp basement and in log term causing mold generation and Etc.…….

WETFIX experts by utilizing the most advanced technology such as Moisture meter and Infra-Red Camera can analyze the condition of your house and assess the scope of the water leakage and offer you the best and most reasonable solution to solve the leakage problem.


External waterproofing (deep Digging) can be performed either partially on one side of the house or all around as needed.
External Waterproofing should be performed by waterproofing experts and the home owners should avoid doing this themselves or having other trades involved in construction that are not experienced in waterproofing to do it for them.

WETFIX System of External waterproofing is as following:

  • Work area preparation using tarps
  • Remove the concrete tiles (if any )along the foundation walls
  • Manual excavation up to the foundation level
  • Parging the existing crack on the foundation wall by Hydraulic cement
  • Clean the wall with wire brush
  • Apply Blueskin Primer on the wall prior to receive waterproofing membrane
  • Install waterproofing membrane Blueskin WP200
  • Install new weeping tile (perforated pipe) at the foundation level and proper connection to drain
  • Installing the Delta membrane DMX (dimple)
  • Placing coarse gravel (3/4 crushed clear stone) on top of the weeping tile
  • Backfilling and compaction and placing Gravel on the top on the pavement area
  • Work area clean-up
  • Existing Deck removal along the wall to access the excavating area
  • Saw cutting and demolition of the concrete pavement along the wall
  • Disposing the demolished concrete
  • Saw cutting and demolition of the asphalt pavement along the wall
  • Disposing the demolished asphalt
  • The AC unit should be disconnected by an expert prior to waterproofing activity

WETFIX External waterproofing (Deep Digging) exceptional features.

WETFIX is the only waterproofing contractor that stops rainwater seeping under your house footing and floor slab by its unique system that results in stopping foundation settlement and less dampness in basement.

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