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external waterproofing

External waterproofing challenges

Among all home and basement waterproofing methods, I can say that exterior waterproofing is the most effective way to protect your home from basement leaks.

basement waterproofing

Is basement waterproofing worth it? Why?

To own a home in Toronto, you must make a significant investment that requires planning. Protecting noteworthy capital is an essential duty. So it would be best if you saved your home well.

wet basement

What causes a wet basement?

With all its beauty and refreshing flowers and trees in the garden, spring is not a good guest for your basement. Spring rains will probably create challenging conditions for you that you did not face in winter.

basement waterproofing

Internal waterproofing vs external waterproofing

The issue of waterproofing is fundamental, and you should have detailed information about it. Knowing positive data about this issue impacts your home and future.

wet basement

Reasons for moisture in the basement and ways to fix it

Many people in Toronto face the problem of wet basements. Unfortunately, they often cannot understand the main reason for the presence of moisture in the basement or cannot treat it appropriately.


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