Internal Waterproofing


WETFIX System of Internal weeping tile is as following:

Internal weeping tile installation is commended by Wetfix experts if the condition of your house satisfies certain conditions such as:
1- The external condition of the house does not allow for deep digging from outside to the lack of space between the houses.
2- Age of the house and condition of the foundation wall due to deterioration does not allow external waterproofing.
3- If that side of your house belongs to the neighbor driveway.
4- Newly finished external pavement such as concrete pavement or stamped pavement or interlocking which would not be feasible to be removed or disturbed.
5- If the basement is too deep and it is not safe to excavate too deep due to the specific condition of the house.

Any of the above mentioned situation or the client preference can lead us toward the Internal Weeping tile installation as the last option.
The client (house Owner) will be informed by Wetfix Experts about the pros and cons of installing Internal Weeping tiles.


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