Step 1: Expose the crack full height


Step 2: Install injection port and cover the face of the crack by epoxy paste


Step 3: Finally inject the polyurethane

We fix the foundation wall crack which is the result of the foundation's initial settlement by the latest reliable and proven method of injection to stop water penetration through the foundation wall crack.

Polyurethane at liquid stage is slowly injected through the crack by installing injection port on top of the crack by epoxy paste and after being tested by water injection to confirm the connectivity between the ports, finally the poly double tube compound at liquid stage is injected into the crack from bottom to top. The injected foam penetrates from inside to the outside of the crack and is stopped by soil on the outside.

Polyurethane is preferred to epoxy injection since it does not crack later on and due to any minor movement on the crack it does not leak.

WETFIX uses American Product for crack injection and the job is guaranteed for Ten years not to leak.

Internal Concrete Crack Injection

  • Work area preparation
  • Expose the full length of the crack and clean from loose particle
  • Cover the surface of the crack by epoxy compound and install injection port
  • Cover the exposed surface of the crack from outside by epoxy compound
  • Water test the crack after the epoxy is hardened
  • Inject the Polyurethane (at the liquid stage) into the crack Via the installed port from bottom to top
  • Work area clean-up

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