Foundation wall crack happens due to the footing settlement causing crack on the foundation wall.

These cracks usually starts from the top of the foundation wall and goes down to the footing.Since most of the houses are damped proof and not waterproofed by waterproofing membrain , rain water can easily fond its way into the basement and cause damage.
If the basement is finished or the crack is located behind the electrical panel or for any reason not accessible from inside, the only solution possible will be external waterproofing of crack by digging deep and water proofing locally at the crack location as follows:


Clean the wall with wire brush

Parging the Crack with Hydraulic Cement

Apply Primer and Install Blue-Skin Membrane


Change the weeping tile and install Delta Membrane and place gravel on top of weeping tile.

External crack repair

Work area preparation using tarps

  • Remove the existing pavement (if any) along the foundation walls
  • Manual excavation up to the foundation level
  • Parging the existing crack on the foundation wall by hydraulic cement
  • Clean the wall with wire brush
  • Apply Blueskin primer on the wall prior to receiving waterproofing membrane
  • Install waterproofing membrane Blueskin WP200
  • Install new weeping tile (perforated pipe) if needed at the foundation level
  • Installing the Delta membrane DMX (dimple)
  • Placing coarse gravel (3/4 crushed clear stone) on top of the weeping tile
  • Backfilling and compaction
  • Work area clean-up

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