Work Details:

  External Deep digging Waterproofing

  • Work area preparation using tarps
  • Remove the concrete tiles along the foundation walls
  • Manual excavation up to the foundation level
  • Parging the existing crack on the foundation wall
  • Clean the wall with a wire brush
  • Apply Blueskin primer on the wall prior to receiving waterproofing membrane
  • Install waterproofing membrane Blueskin WP200
  • Install new weeping tile (perforated pipe) at the foundation level and proper connection to drain
  • Installing the Delta membrane DMX (dimple)
  • Placing coarse gravel (1/2-3/4 crushed clear stone) on top of the weeping tile
  • Backfilling and compaction and placing Gravel on the top on the pavement area
  • Work area clean-up